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Over 600 high quality audio clips are included in this Headstrong Archer Character Voice Pack. Use the included sounds in your next indie game project! Lines for all kinds of common situations were written and performed specifically for this sound pack. Taunts, commands, alerts and hit sounds are only a small portion of the audio. Is a character's armor damaged? Do you need to make a tactical advance in the opposite direction? Did you win??? Good news! We've got you covered on all these situations and many, many more!

LITE version available here.

All included sounds have been organized in an easy to understand file system for your convenience. All sounds have been recorded at 44.1Khz at 16 bit as a .WAV file.

To book the actor directly visit BobFeeserVoices.com

This is only the Second Sound Pack to be released! Be sure to give us a follow and stay tuned for future releases. There are two more Fantasy characters planned, a Thief, and a Wizard.

Includes a variety of multipurpose lines such as: I’ve got it, I’m on it, Moving on, Into position then, Right away, On my way, Here I go, Yes, Yup, Yeah, You got it, mate, No, Nope, Nuh-uh, Not happening, Oh hey there, What? What’s up, Whatcha got for me? Hmm? Yeah, whatcha need? Hi there, Cant ya see im busy? I’m gonna need a better bow, I can't do that with this bow, Upgrade my armor,I need stronger armor, Bow’s busted, I need a new one, I need a new bow, My bow’s broke, Gotta fix my bow, Repair my bow, Right off you go, Goodbye, Go on then, Yeah, get out of here, Alright, take care, Right, I’ve gotta go so… I didnt wanna talk to you anyway, I've got them in my sights, Enemies on the horizon. Enemy spotted! They're coming! They'll never get past me. I'll cut em down. Thanks for standing still. Oh what a big head you have. Miss? Not by a long shot, I never miss, My aim is true.One shot. One kill. Up in the tower. Ahaha haha look at the top of his head. There’s too many of them


Buy Now$7.99 USD or more

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