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Over 100 high quality audio clips are included in this Valiant Knight Character Voice Pack. Use the included sounds in your next indie game project! Lines for all kinds of common situations were written and performed specifically for this sound pack. Battle cries, commands, alerts and hit sounds are only a small portion of the audio. Is a character's armor damaged? Do you need to make a tactical advance in the opposite direction? Did you win??? Good news! We've got you covered on all these situations and many, many more!

The full version of this sound pack is available HERE.

All included sounds have been organized in an easy to understand file system for your convenience. All sounds have been recorded at 44.1Khz at 16 bit as a .WAV file.

To book the actor directly visit BobFeeserVoices.com

This is only the first Sound Pack to be released! Be sure to give us a follow and stay tuned for future releases. There are three more Fantasy characters planned, an Archer, a Thief, and a Wizard.

The FULL version includes a variety of multipurpose lines such as: Right away, Yes, On my way, I’m on it, Fear not, Be wary of the dangers ahead, Do not tempt me, You stand before the trusted hand of the king, My life for the throne, I will defend the king at all costs, You will die! You will fall here! You will die here and now! You dare stand against the throne? Victory, for the king! You will not die this day. Fine then! Have it your way. Very well. Taste my blade! Vile fiend! Usurper! Death to all who oppose us! Death to our enemies! To protect and serve. Staying out of trouble? Stay back! Retreat! Attack! Begin the assault! We must retreat! Fall back! Charge! We are victorious! We have won! The enemy has fallen! We are defeated! We have lost! The enemy has triumphed! We have fallen. Our forces have fallen. Our forces are under attack! The enemy presses forward! We must press forward! Onward! Quickly, forward! By the light! You will fall by my hand! I’ve been injured! I need healing! Heal me, quickly! Medic! Healer! The enemy is weakened! Attack now! The enemy is vulnerable! They are vulnerable! Attack quickly! Attack with strength! Attack with all your might! Attack in an area! Cleave them! Attack them all at once! Good day. Salutations, stranger. Speak then. What is it? Speak quickly. What do you need? Need something? Is someone in danger? Is there trouble? Goodbye. Farewell. Take care. Be careful out there. Off with you. My armor is damaged. My equipment needs repair. I require a new weapon.


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